In 1990, the idea that would become ESLATAM was born.

Three consultants of transnational firms joined together to create an organization focused on integrating solutions that would support the development of enterprises at the financial level. The founding partner, with more than 30 years of experience, combined his experience, knowledge and skills to build a place where to be able to offer an international level of service.

The experience of more than 15 years, jointly with his other partners, in the business area and the inclusion of experts in key areas, is essential for these services to meet customer expectations, offering alternatives that optimize resources in accounting, tax, administrative and process matters, as well as strategic planning.


  • As soon as EAS becomes aware of the market needs, they make it a point to include in their team, professionals who are capable of providing customers the satisfaction they are looking for We invest in the best staff, because it is the most valuable resource we offer to all those who come to the company. All this because we know that customers deserve to be taken into account and be treated in the most personalized way possible.

  • EAS will grow stronger in the ever-evolving outsourcing-service market, focused on the customer, achieving brand loyalty through an optimal operational service and a highly competent staff.

  • Near the Rotonda de la Bandera (Spanish for roundabout of the flag), you can find Ofiplaza del Este, in Building C, third floor –ask for Suite 13-. That is where EAS execute their functions every day to meet the needs of customers, who day by day come to entrust the accounting and financial management of the market.